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Icebergs of Greenland

Nature’s expression comes in many forms, but none are quite impressive as the vast glaciers that claim the cold seas. Coaxing along the waters, they sit in all of their iridescent glory but prove to be as destructive as they are captivating. Stefan Forster travels to the frostier parts of the world to seek where light touches these icy giants. His specialties lie in extremities; he favors the dramatic views of the Arctic, Iceland and Patagonia.

In his latest series, Stefan ventures to Greenland to capture the EQI glacier along the northwest coast. Renting out both kayaks and fisher boats, he was able to weave his way through to the colossal icebergs and capture their many facades. Most of his shots were recorded in 60 frames per second and exported in slow motion for effect.

The statuesque monuments are uniquely shaped by water, wind and wildlife. From their grandiose scale to small floating islands, they continue to be one of Mother Nature’s most fascinating works of art.


Stefan Forster is an internationally active landscape photographer. At 21, Stefan made the decision to follow his passion full time; he began his tour around the world and shot almost 400 images a day. As one of the youngest in his field he has gained worldwide recognition and has since founded his own photography school.